General Motors respects the natural environment and is concerned about society and culture. This is laying the foundation for a fully electrified future. To make the world a better place, we have dared to take the lead and march forward.


Safety is a top priority

We value safety – not just for our customers, but for everyone who is in and around our vehicles. We work with multiple safety organizations to help raise awareness to keep everyone safe and sound.

Staying committed to sustainable development

From the vehicles we drive to the plants that manufacture those vehicles, our mission is to make the automotive industry more sustainable. We aim to transform transportation through intelligent mobile technology, innovative manufacturing processes and creative thinking.

Education is leading the future

We have a long-standing commitment to education-related initiatives that inspire students to pursue careers in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). We strive to make quality education accessible to more people, from preschool to university to career learning.



In today’s rapidly urbanizing society, GM is committed to reducing accidents and pollution and alleviating traffic congestion. In China, we will continue to work actively with our partners to provide greener, safer and more sustainable transportation solutions.

As a global automotive company, GM does more than just provide the most advanced technology and models to Chinese consumers. We also do our part to contribute to society, focusing on the areas of safety, sustainable development and education.

To better carry out our corporate social responsibility, GM China’s president and executives from relevant departments established the corporate CSR committee. It holds quarterly meetings to review the company’s corporate social responsibility strategy and plans.


2021 GM China Sustainability Report

GM firmly believes that a company’s responsibility is not only to produce and deliver high-quality products, but also to give back to society. We practice corporate social responsibility by “doing good and doing it well.” That’s why we integrate social responsibility into our daily decision-making and business processes around the world.

In China, the three pillars of our CSR strategy are safety, sustainability and education. For each of the pillars, we have identified areas with the greatest impact and offer sustainable solutions in response.



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