With the development of intelligent connected technology, safety – as the paramount commitment of GM – has a new meaning in the new era.

"General Motors is creating a future of Zero crashes, Zero emissions and Zero congestion with a diverse, inclusive team that brings wide-ranging perspectives and experiences to solving transportation challenges."


Electric vehicle safety: New energy, new challenge

Batteries are the foundation for the safety of electric vehicles.

GM has formed a team that is focused on battery safety

GM has formed a team that is focused on battery safety

GM has over 25 years of electric vehicle R&D experience. The complexity and variability of electrochemical reactions within a battery require a deep understanding of its materials and design. GM has battery labs in China and the United States, and a comprehensive capability for development, verification and testing.

The Ultium battery is a joint innovation with our suppliers. The excellent thermal stability of its battery cells and advanced thermal management system ensure a fast and safe charge along with a worry-free life cycle1.

The Ultium battery pack is an essential part of the vehicle’s overall structure. Its enhanced physical protection can effectively protect the battery in the event of an accident2.

Do you know how powerful Ultium is?

Assisted driving safety:

Relaxed, but not distracted.

On countless roads, safety always comes first! Until fully autonomous driving is achieved, our extensive active safety and driver assistance features will bring comfort and convenience for travelling in different scenarios.

A safe and reliable system that provides a confident user experience

A safe and reliable system that innovates the future of driving

Super Cruise™ for compatible roads such as highways has a simple interface. With an attentive driver, and under the proper conditions, Super Cruise-equipped vehicles can provide a relaxing and convenient driving experience. Its driver-attention system helps make sure your eyes are on the road, and it alerts you when you need to pay more attention or take back control. We firmly believe that creating the right level of safety awareness is a prerequisite for promoting assisted driving.

How close are we to autonomous driving?


An intelligent vehicle is first and foremost a safe and secure one.

In the future, vehicles will be driven by electricity and data

Future vehicles will be powered by batteries and data

Cybersecurity is a key pillar of GM’s Vehicle Intelligence Platform (VIP). The system’s DNA includes additional protective features at the hardware and software levels that reflect the company’s foresight in this regard, benchmarking complex aviation systems. The platform was developed at GM facilities across the globe by a team of over 300 electrical, hardware and software engineers.

The platform should be rolled out to most vehicles within GM’s global lineup by 2023, creating a personalized digital space and an evolving intelligent driving experience.

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